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Add a Water Fountain to your Garden and Transform the Outdoor into an Oasis

Gardens are meant to relax and enjoy summer and winter time. It gives you a feeling of blending with nature. A garden isn’t made instantly it requires proper space and a lot of effort to decide which plant has to be grown and its position. A garden also requires everyday maintenance since bushes often create problems. If you invest a lot in your garden then it has to be in shape where it increases the significance of it.

One such thing that can help you increase the beauty of your garden or patio is the fountain. With various kinds of garden fountains you have vast range of items available at different price. Earlier, fountains were meant to be those huge marble sized traditional tiered ones which were preferred for those gardens that were huge. However, now even if you have a small garden there are unlimited options available for you.

Here are few lists of different types of fountain –

  • Generally, the basic foundation construction consists of two bowls, one huge bowl at the bottom and a small bowl at the top and above that at the center there is carvings of animals, people or any other thing like a flower or cupid. They are traditional fountains in Mediterranean countries and they are known as tiered fountains.
  • Disappearing fountain has a construction under which the reservoir is hidden and is just perfect fountain for patio or a path. This fountain doesn’t have huge bowl which saves kids from drowning, less water is consumed as it is underground, maintenance and cleaning is easy and requires little space.
  • Japanese fountain are mostly seen at the entrance gate of Japanese temple and houses, where it is installed on the rocks, and covered with plants and trees. There is a bamboo spout through which water comes out.
  • Wall fountain is small and precise and doesn’t need any huge space for installation it can be installed at a small wall too. However, the spout needs a basin in which water will fall.
  • Self contained fountain are easily installed anywhere and can be afforded by anyone, they can be moved anywhere and look just perfect on patio or decks. It is linked to a battery or power electricity through which water revolves in the bowls.

Looking at the vast ranges of fountains people have decided to make their garden look different by adding an affordable fountain. Those who don’t have a garden still purchase indoor fountain to give some serenity to their home.

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