10 Incredible Small Bedroom Decoration Ideas


Your bedroom is the space where you recharge and rest and it doesn’t need to have massive square footage and soaring ceilings to feel comfy. 

In fact, small bedrooms often have a more intimate and cozier vibe that makes the space more personal and relaxing. Whatever small bedrooms may lack in space, they can make it up in atmosphere and charm. 

Furthermore, according to the American Sleep Association, keeping stimulating activities away from bedrooms may lead to better night’s sleep. Distractions like work, TV or large pieces of furniture, can disrupt your sleep patterns. So, the less you can do in your bedrooms, the better for quality sleep. A small bedroom comes in handy in keeping such distractions at bay.

However, setting up your small bedroom to bring in new life and maximize the space can be challenging. 

10 incredible small bedroom decoration ideas

  • Add color to create a space illusion

Paint offers an excellent solution to many decorating problems. A splash of color has the potential to instantly invigorate a space, giving it a more inviting feel. 

For a cozy and sophisticated palette that brings in a masculine feel, use a combination of white and chocolate brown. Alternatively, use saturated colors like hunter green, navy blue, or gray. Add a touch of a contrasting neutral hue with a subtle pattern, like a throw blanket, to create a soothing atmosphere. 

Most people love their bedrooms to have a therapeutic and soothing feel, and applying a white and green palette will refresh your senses and calm your mind. 

Create a bright feel with sunshine yellow or make it airy with an all-white palette. 

For bedrooms with a low ceiling, you can highlight the wall and ceiling using contrasting hues. For example, balancing neutral colors like white and blue will boost the room’s height. 

Combine neutral and transparent epoxy flooring with bright hues and delicate patterns to complement the furnishing and give your bedroom a chic look. 

  • Create an alluring wall

Using wallpaper can quickly transform your walls and create a unique focal point.

Opt for bright and bold wallpaper to cocoon your bedroom but don’t cover the whole bedroom. Just choose a small nook and cover it with a fun print. 

For example, you can put a bold, large-scale patterned wallpaper on your headboard wall to achieve an eye-catching focal point.

Additionally, coordinate your beddings with your wallpaper for a cohesive look. 

  • Expand the room using mirrors


Mirrors make a big impact in a small bedroom. By bouncing the light throughout your small space, it gives it an instant larger look and feel. 

Align a mirror to reflect the outside light to naturally light up your space. 

Whether it’s a small vanity rounded mirror or a floor-length one, the more mirroring your room has, the brighter it will feel. 

  • Keep it minimal

Minimizing clutter instantly makes a small bedroom feel larger and look better. A clutter-free small bedroom also provides a restful vibe, encouraging a good night’s sleep. 

  • Get a creative hanging/floating shelf to store your artwork, trinkets, and other accessories, without touching the floor space. 
  • Instead of using a bulky nightstand, use a floating frame to hold the table lamp.
  • Downsize the bedroom furniture by opting for multifunctional pieces. For example, buy a sideboard that you can use as your dressing table. 
  • Opt for furnishings with lighter hues like white gloss or oak wood to maximize space. 
  • Choose a bed with one clean line  
  • Instead of a bed bench, opt for a sleek caramel-designed leather stool to add a designed polish look while giving you space to store your beddings.
  • Incorporate built-in storage like a nightstand with shelves and drawers or an ottoman with storage facilities, or a bed with underneath storage. 

All these touches will ensure your small bedroom has enough space to freely move around and reduce the cramped feel.

  • Accessorize your small bedroom

Accessorize your small bedroom with carpets that have neutral colors. Opt for beige and cream colors for a timeless, fresh look, or use dark accents to complement a white room.

Use an oversized headboard and chandeliers to give the room extra dimension and unique personality. 

Display your favorite accessories and jewelry charmingly to serve as your bedroom décor.

Put bold hued wall framed vintage, botanical designs or embroidered handkerchiefs with attention–grabbing patterns to help distract from the small space.

Opt for oversized art, whether striking illustration or painting or a unique photograph. 

  • Go Green 

Make space for plants! 

Adding houseplants makes the small bedroom feel more alive. Furthermore, plants help in cleaning the air, bringing freshness to a potentially stuffy space. 

Maximize the space by trying wall planters, use potted indoor trees or have a vertical plant for some green charm. 

  • Use standout curtains

Make your small sleeping quarter more alluring and stylish by choosing curtains with eye-catching prints. Go for colorful curtains that create a focal point that grabs attention.

Hang window curtains or drapes closer to the ceiling to create that impression of your bedroom having taller walls.

Alternatively, create a symmetrical style using off-center curtains with a pale color palette.

  • Light up the space

Whether natural or artificial, lightning up your small bedroom makes the room feel and look bigger. 

For natural light, rethink your window treatments.Stay away from black-out sheers and curtains and embrace layer drapes that allow light to illuminate naturally. And for optimal light control and style, add light-blocking shades.

String lights are a fantastic way of adding light. Hang them on the headboard, ceilings, or wall. And to make the small bedroom magical, you can choose different colors. 

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Add a sense of modern style by adding wall sconces, and for an eclectic look, you can mix and match the scones. 

Go for a pendant light or unique chandelier to add a touch of cozy lighting and create a focal point. 

  • Layer out your beddings

Use layers of beddings in colors that complement the room theme. Add a throw pillow with neutral color palettes and subtle patterns to add charm and dimension.

Alternatively, choose a quilt or duvet with two colors and large printing blocks.

Matching the curtains with your beddings and other fabrics in the rooms gives a sense of a single entity, giving the small bedroom a cohesive look. 

  • Use vertical space

Since you can’t expand the floor space in a small bedroom, make use of your room vertical space. Add an eye-catching vertical feature to give an illusion of bigger space. 

For example, tall shelves will add interest and much-needed storage to your bedroom. And to make the shelves blend in with the surrounding, paint them the same color as the walls. 

Bottom line

So, are you ready to create a small bedroom of your dreams?

The above small bedroom decoration ideas will help you to create an organized and comfortable retreat that maximizes your space while making it feel much more extensive. 

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