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 6 Luxury-Design Secrets only the Pros Know

Some people have a natural and keen eye for design. But some must seek consultations before seeking any major changes in their properties.

Even then, the expectations may be different from the reality. The best way to avoid this from happening is by engaging a competent luxury design expert.

These are some basic design secrets that may come in handy with your decorating needs.

  1. Establish Your Color Scheme

Do you want to make a complete makeover in your house? Maybe you’ve just bought the house and the entire color scheme seem dull.

In such a case, exercise caution not to destroy the entire plan. Come up with a basic color scheme that looks good for your entire house. From here, you can take that scheme from one room to the other.

At times, you’ll note that it plays out differently in various rooms. Choose the best color scheme that works for each room.

  1. Start from Bottom all the Way up

Designing can be very excruciating. Most people don’t know where they need to start. Your starting point can make or destroy the entire process.

When designing your rooms, start from the ground going up. What’s your ideal flooring? Do you want hardwood flooring, tiles, area rugs or stone carpeting?

By thinking about your flooring first, you’ll be able to determine how the other areas will be layered out. If you choose a neutral tone on color and pattern, you’ll have a variety of options with upholstery.

But if you choose an antique rug for your floor, you can draw colors from the rug to formulate a palette.

It’s importunate to plan these things in tandem. Otherwise, you risk ending up with a circus effect. Having too many things on your space that doesn’t function in unison.

  1. Fake Height

Use your design to create large verticals and shun the horizontals. For instance, adding a large mirror in your room tends to improve the aesthetics. You can also keep your seats in a low-slung method. It’ll help create a perception of a taller and adorable room.

  1. Stock your Bar

During the designing process, try to do away with clutter. Don’t have items in your property that you don’t need. It makes the place look dirty and unappealing.

But there’s one thing you should never stowaway. That’s your bar. Don’t tell people what you want to serve them, instead show them.

Your guests relax and feel at home when they serve themselves.

  1. Extend Your Backlash

Having an eye-catching tile in your kitchen and bathroom can make a statement. Try to cover as much wall in these two areas as your resources can allow. Also, ensure the tiles you choose are appealing and easier to clean.

You don’t want stains to stick on your tiles.

  1. Place your Investment Pieces Strategically

If you value something, put it on display. Use and enjoy all your antiques and unique finds. Be sure to use them in a utilitarian place like a bathroom.

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