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Comparison Between Pier and Beam Foundation and Slab Foundation

When you are looking for new house for buying then there are many different things that you need to consider. One of the important considerations is also about its type of foundation. You have to choose between two different kinds of foundations that are available. The whole process of taking decision can really be quite complicated and therefore in this article we shall talk about both these types of foundations and leave the decision to you.

Let us first start with pier and beam foundation that you can find in most of the traditional homes. This type of foundation has number of footing along with concrete base that supports the total structure of the building. Beneath the floor a crawlspace is provided so that various electrical cablings and the plumbing lines can be easily accessed.

Pros of this type of foundation

  • The crawl space provided underneath the floor makes the repair work on any electrical fault or any plumbing related issues very easy and convenient. However, crawl space is too little and only a very experienced repairman can only enter into this space.
  • Additional insulation can be provided due to availability of crawling space.
  • Since the foundation rests on number of piers and beams therefore the problem can be isolated area wise in case it arises in future. This can prevent you from spending more money.


  • Due to this crawl space, rodents may take shelter and create havoc. Also, different kinds of fleas and insects can also take refuge in this area.
  • Moisture can get developed in the crawling space and as a result mold or rotting may get developed. The presence of bacteria can cause foul smell in the surrounding.
  • Construction of such kind of foundation may cost little higher due to requirement of high level of expertise and additional time.
  • The water utilities in the crawl space are usually unprotected and may freeze during harsh winter seasons.

Now let us discuss about slab foundation. Most of the homes built after 1970 follows this type of foundation. Here slabs with reinforced steel beam is used.


  • Construction of such foundation is relatively faster and less expensive.
  • During cold weather water pipes are less prone to freezing as they are within the slab.
  • The home remains sealed and prevent insects and rodents to take shelter and live there.


  • If the slab leaks then it can cause damage to foundation and repair is bit difficult as no crawl space is available.
  • Concrete slabs may crack, shrink or sink too.

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