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Home Design Tips For DIY Homeowners

If you really like to work on a hands-on project, there’s nothing better than working on your own home.  Putting the sweat equity into your home is financially gratifying, but it’s more rewarding to sit back and have the joy of experiencing and living in your finished product.  

Owning your own home means you have the chance to make it whatever you want to make it.  Make your vision come alive, and check out a few design tips to get you on your way.  

Don’t buy all your materials at once

You may want to get right to work in your home.  Buying a whole bunch of materials before you start the work is not the way to go.  Plans change quickly when you’re in the middle of a DIY project.  

It’s best to take it one step at a time.  Work on one room at a time, and resist the urge to purchase materials for the whole house all at once.  You’ll cause more work for yourself and possibly lose a lot of money that way.  

Choose a neutral color as your base 

When painting your home, you want a light colored base to go on all of the walls.  White is typically what people seek out as a base color for their home, but don’t be boring.  

Instead, try working in a light or slate gray as your home’s foundational paint color.  You can certainly add an accent wall or paint the trim another color, but the main color of your home should be easy to work with when it’s time to decorate.  

Start from the ground up

It’s not easy to design a whole house that flows and works well within itself, but it’s even harder to achieve that goal if you don’t start from the ground up.  

Take the time to choose the right type of flooring before you start picking out other finishings.  Once you can get a vision of the floor, you can choose your other design options to work coherently throughout.  

Mix high and low price points 

More expensive doesn’t always mean that a product is better.  Mixing high and low price points will add an ere of culture to your design.  

Some of the most humbly priced materials can carry some of the best energy into your home.  Pay attention to pricing, but don’t let price points rule the roost throughout your design.  

Always let the sun shine

Natural light is the best kind of light to have in your home.  If you can work a design to where there will be more natural light pouring into the room, do it.  

Lighting is everything when it comes to a warm and comfortable space.  If you don’t have a flood of natural light in a space, find ways to work layered lighting into your design.  

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