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Quick Overview Of Common HVAC Problems – Call A Technician Now!

The heating & cooling system of your home is responsible for maintaining indoor air temperature and quality throughout different seasons. As with any home appliance, things are bound to go wrong at some point. Knowing the common problems related to HVAC systems always helps, because you can call for help at the right time.

Here’s a quick overview of common issues and signs at a glance.

  • The condenser fan motor is not working. If this happens, make sure to call a HVAC and furnace repair contractor immediately, and the most likely sign is ineffective/no cooling. In some cases, the capacitor must be replaced.
  • Issues with evaporator blower motor. If there is an issue with evaporator blower motor or the fuse, you will have to replace either or both. Do not attempt to open the system if you are not sure of what’s to be done.
  • Issues with the Condenser Coil. Ideally, the Condenser Coil should be cleaned at least once in a year to avoid possible deposits of dirt and grime. If things get worse at some point, you will need a HVAC repair expert, who will do the cleaning. Make sure there are no tall plants close to the condenser that’s blocking flow.
  • Issues with the thermostatic expansion valve. If this happens, you have to first check if the thermostat is on in the first place. Batteries must be replaced in some cases. When nothing works out, call for immediate professional help.
  • Issues with the compressor. Expectedly, the compressor is the more important element of the HVAC system. Selecting the right refrigerant and replacing it when required is a critical aspect. Any AC should have enough and right liquid refrigerant, for which technical advice is necessary.
  • Issues with the evaporator coil. In some cases, evaporator coil may require cleaning. If the same is placed outdoors, cleaning should be done once in a year, while for systems where the evaporator coil is placed in the attic or elsewhere, cleaning in two years is enough. If the evaporator coil is cracked, replacement and fixing it requires technical expertise.
  • Issues with the filter. Filters of HVAC systems should be anyway changed from time to time, so check for that. The simplest way is to hold the filter and check for any signs of clogging. If you are replacing air filters, make sure to go for better ones that will last a while.
  • Issues with the cooling tower. In most cases, the problems are related to the leakage of refrigerant. Call up a heating & cooling contractor immediately if you find such a problem, as they can remove the refrigerant and do the necessary work.

  • Issues with the duct system. As we all know, duct systems can get blocked by different elements., including grime, and if ignored for long, the problem can damage other components of the unit. The drain line should be cleaned, and the duct system should be checked, at least once in two years.

Call up a technician if any of these problems occur.

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