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Reasons Why a Mature Tree Might Need to Be Removed

We all love to have trees on our property, as they provide us with essential shading and have a natural beauty that is hard to replicate, yet like all living things, trees do have a lifespan, and old age is one reason why a tree might need to be removed, as it could pose a danger to both people and property. Here are a few of the main reasons why it might be the best solution to remove a mature tree in your garden.

  • Storm Damage – Trees are often damaged by heavy storms, which can cause large sections to spilt from the main trunk, or even the tree to lean over, which is very dangerous, and with expert palm tree removal in Perth, any sized tree can effectively be brought down by a team of arborists. Of course, it might not be necessary to remove the entire tree, as only a section might have suffered damage.
  • End of Natural Life – If a large tree has reached the end of its life, it will need to be carefully removed, which is something for a tree surgeon to handle, and by calling him out, he will inspect the tree and suggest the best way to remove it.
  • Relocation – There is affordable palm tree removal in Perth, where the company can replant the tree in another area of your property, should you wish to reclaim the land on which the tree sits. Of course, some large trees cannot be removed, as the roots spread a wide distance, plus the weight might be too much, and many of the branches might have to be removed to make the relocation possible.
  • Storm Damage – If the damage is peripheral, some branches might need to be removed, however if the tree is seriously damaged, it might have to be completely removed, and with a stump grinder, everything can be removed, thus allowing you to use the section of land for something else.
  • Diseased Tree – While most diseased trees can be saved, if the damage is severe, the best option would be removal, and the tree surgeon would start by cutting away the dead and diseased branches, leaving trunk and some major boughs, which would be removed section by section, using a crane to carefully lower each section.
  • Leaning Precariously Towards Property – High winds can loosen a large tree’s roots and with so much weight involved, it might lean over, which obviously presents a real threat to people and property and the tree would have to be taken down before is finally succumbs to gravity.
  • Obstructing a New Building Project – You might be planning to extend and if there is a large tree in the way, you would have to seek a permit from the local authority in order to have the tree removed.

All of the above could be reasons to have a mature tree removed, and this would be a risky project that requires the help of an experience tree surgeon. Once the tree has been removed, a stump grinder will reduce the stump to sawdust and with a little landscaping, the ground can be used for other things.

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