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Simple yet Effective House cleaning tips for Aucklanders

What is the right way to clean your house like an expert cleaner? It’s hard to maintain and regularly clean the house especially if all the family members are working. The truth is no one wants to spend their weekend cleaning the household chores. So, the only solution left is to hire a cleaning professional, and that can be a bit expensive. Don’t worry, we are not forcing you to give away your hard-earned to a cleaning expert.

Check out these experts’ recommended house cleaning tips for Aucklanders that will help you achieve results like a professional cleaner.

Want to make your house sparkling clean by spending less time & energy? Then quickly walk through this mini guide to minimize your cleaning work!

Make the bed as soon as you wake up!

Adopt this habit of making your bed immediately after you wake up. It hardly takes 4-5 minutes, and you’ll start noticing a big difference in your life. You’ll feel relaxed, and happy when you’ll enter your well-organized room after a hectic day.

Load & Unload the Dishwasher Daily

You can empty the dishes while making coffee in the morning, or while waiting for the dishes to be cooked completely. Not only it’ll save you time, but will also help keep the kitchen clean and well-organized. Make it a routine to wash the dishes daily, and wipe off the platform immediately. Don’t forget to clean & deodorize your dishwasher at least once a week.

Clean your cabinets using a Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is an easy-to-use cleaning equipment and requires less effort and time. The attached brush can easily wipe away the dirt, and grim from your kitchen cabinets or wardrobes. Also, keep a damp cloth aside to wipe the outer cabinets.

Declutter your Home

Make sure to keep your house decluttered, and well organized by throwing away expired food items, and broken kitchen utensils. You can also showcase the expensive products on a garage sale to earn some money or donate unwanted things, clothes, toys, or food items to a local shelter.

Make a DIY Cleaning Solution

There is no need to buy expensive cleaning solutions available in the market. You can make an effective cleaning solution at home using kitchen ingredients available in almost every house. All you need to do is mix baking soda and vinegar in equal proportions in a spray bottle. The benefit is, this cleaning solution is effective on almost all surfaces from carpet, sofa fabrics, PVC, bathroom tiles, and grout to wooden floors.

Hire a Cleaning Service Weekly or Monthly

Honestly, it’s hard to achieve satisfactory cleaning results unless you know the right cleaning solution, technique, and equipment. We suggest hiring a professional cleaner once a week, bi-monthly, or at least a month for deep cleansing. A little money spent on regular cleaning can save you from hideous damages that will cost you hundreds of bucks. As cleaning experts can identify & suggest repairs for any upcoming damages.

Wrapping up!

Following these simple house-cleaning tips & hacks will help you clean faster, and better.  Regular cleaning saves both your effort and money spent on extensive cleaning.  So, you can spend quality time with your family, and friends on weekends.

We suggest visiting for more house cleaning tips or services in Auckland. Talk to the cleaning experts over the phone, and get your house cleaned on a weekly, or monthly basis as per your requirement.

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