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To be energy efficient – the proper roof insulation is required.

Many of us say that we don’t want to contribute to global warming and that we want to do our bit for the environment and yet we continue to ignore issues that are right in front of us. One such issue would be the proper insulation of our homes and businesses because all of the heat that the boiler generates is escaping through the roof because it isn’t properly insulated. The fact that your boiler has to work so hard to keep your property warm means that it is using more power than it should be and so that is eating into your carbon footprint.

In order to be more energy efficient, you need to make sure that you have the correct roof insulation (known as ฉนวนหลังคา in Thai) that will help to reduce your heating and cooling bills throughout the year. Many people commonly associate the correct roof insulation with keeping the heat in a property but the same applies when your air-conditioners are trying to cool down the property as well. If you still have to be sold on the benefits of getting your roof properly insulated then here are a few of them that you might want to consider.

  1. It keeps the heat in – We all know that heat rises and so any heat that your boiler generates will make its way to the top of the house and then we’ll escape if the proper insulation is not in place. Making sure that this part of your house is properly insulated means that the heat stays in the house where it should be and the cold stays on the outside where it should be. This is a fantastic way to reduce many of your utility bills and this is money that you could be spending elsewhere in your life.
  2. It keeps the cold out – A properly insulated roof will help to keep cold air on the outside where it belongs. Any holes or cracks in your current insulation will allow cold air to seep into your roof space work will cause moisture and this will damage the internal structures of your property.
  3. It protects the integrity of your property – The roof on any property is incredibly important because it protects everything that is below it. Your roof needs to be in great shape in order to be able to put up with the bad weather that we experience throughout the year. Making sure that your roof is properly inflated on the inside is your first step towards protecting the integrity of your property.

To do your bit for the environment and also to keep money in your wallet or purse, invest in the roof of your property now, so that it will continue saving you money for the next 25 years.

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