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10 Ideas To Make Your Dining Table Stylish For Different Festivals

Whether you are throwing a New Year/Christmas party, hosting a brunch or tea party with friends/ a small get-together, or inviting relatives for dinner, festive season and food always go hand in hand. Be it a Holi, Diwali, or a special meet with your near-dear ones, laughs and talks over a dining table are indeed an essential part. Certainly, the menu plays a key role in any party. However, setting up your dining table is a crucial aspect of making your meets even more special. A perfectly set dining table will let you impress your guests with a comfortable place to relish delicacies and enjoy moments.

Let’s have a look at some ways to get your dining space festive ready –

·     Focus on requisites

Before you start planning for the festive season, consider the types of events you are going to plan. Thinking about the purpose of the get-together, party, the theme, and the number of guests you are willing to call will give you a firm idea about preparations you need to execute your event well. You need to make enough room to accommodate guests and eat comfortably.

·       Invest in a brand-new dining table

If you are bored of your existing dining arrangements and if your budget allows, you can think about getting a new look at your dining area and wow your guests. If there are reasons with no functional pieces of furniture, then it is better to invest in new items. For example, for a small-sized family, a 4 seater dining table may be working well. However, with time, as family size grows or considering frequent visits from guests or changing tastes/lifestyles, dining room furniture sets need to be given a thought. Refurbished dining space will surely uplift your home décor and dining experience with your near-dear ones. If you are planning to buy a new dining table, then you need to think about dining room space, size, and shape, family members, style, and budget.

You can check out folding dining sets if you need to accommodate more people occasionally. A compact folding table will be a handy and practical option. Numerous options are available in the market, including 4 seater dining table, 6 seater dining set, 8 seater dining table, and many more featuring different sizes, shapes, and styles to adorn your dining space. Depending on the purpose and functionality you want, you can select the material like wood/metal/marble or glass top, etc. even. You can check a wide variety and shop for dining table sets that fit your needs and budget. You can own a perfect dining table that you can flaunt.

  • Comfy Seating

There may be long talks and laughs over the dinner table during the festive season events. So, you need to think about comfy seating arrangements. Check if you need to add some dining chairs/benches to make enough space for all. Comfortable seating arrangements will make longer meets over the dining table much more pleasing. If your budget allows, think about adding extra cushions to make your seating cozy and comfy. Having extra chairs/benches that you can add to your dining can be a great idea for last-minute guests.

·       Lighting

Once you are done with arrangements for enough space to accommodate guests on the dining table, the next thought is about lighting arrangements. It’s the festive season, and you may have an event during the day or night. So, a well-lit room all around is certainly essential. If you are planning to host a night party, then you will need to create a different mood with light arrangements. So, make enough and easy to handle lighting arrangements around your dining area so that you can easily switch on/off to create the needed ambiance according to the event.

  • Play with asymmetry

When it comes to preparing your home for the festive season, most of the time, we follow specific formats. Try something out of the box. Think about setting up your table by playing in an asymmetric way. Instead of placing centerpieces in the middle of your dining table set, try to place it off-center. You can be creative and personify the space with your own style and taste.

  • Play with colours

You can play with your home décor and bring festivity to it. Think about options that suit your dining space.  You can even go for a décor full of vibrant colors. You can choose bold colours for vases, centerpieces or crockery/cutlery sets if you are planning a brunch for Holi. You can play with colours and create your own 9 coloured palette to elevate the dining experience during the Navratri gathering.

  • Centerpiece

If you plan to place a centerpiece, choose a centerpiece that goes well with your event. A huge dining space accommodating a huge dining table does not always mean putting a massive centerpiece. You can create a visual contrast by adding a small, superfine, and eye-catching centerpiece to your dining table. You can play with sizes, shapes, contrast, and styles of centerpieces to bring Wow element for your dining décor. Neatly arranging a few flowers in old reused wine bottles can add to aesthetics. Or, if you are planning a party for Holi/Navratri, just a tray decorated with different coloured flowers or fruits even will compliment your event.

  • Use accents wisely

Wise use of accents will surely make your simple table settings look special. Instead of one large centerpiece, think about having smaller arrangements spread across your dining table. You can think about adding aroma with flowers or fancy candles. These kinds of arrangements will set up a party mood. Also, each festival has its exclusive motifs. So you can think about adding accessories and elements to your décor according to the festive season.

  • Keep it clear

If your dining room furniture features translucent items, then your dining space might feel too formal. You can add some elements/centerpieces to create a festive look. You can add descent cushions or add bright cutlery/crockery items to make your dining area festive ready.

  • Everything fancy

It’s a special occasion and feast that will impress all guests. So, instead of regular cutlery and paper napkins, set delicate cutlery, silver spoons, precious sets or antique items, gorgeous napkins, and everything that goes well with your event. Like your food, your dining table, too, should also be a visual treat for your guests.

All in all, there are numerous ways to get your dining table festive ready. Just bring magic and glory to your dining table, and surely feasts with your near-dear ones will be ever memorable. Get started now!

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