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Revamping your Outdoor Living Space for Summer

To get your pool ready for summer, start by removing the cover and draining the water with a drain pump. Clean and store the cover, then refill the pool with water using a garden hose. After cleaning the water and setting up pool equipment, you’re ready for the fun part: updating your outdoor space.

Improve Your Outdoor Pool Space

Create an Outdoor Oasis

Elevate your outdoor pool area for entertainment by incorporating a fire pit, accent lighting, and comfortable seating. You can even craft a budget-friendly DIY fire pit for added charm.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Pool Area

Explore materials suitable for your outdoor pool area, keeping in mind your unique style and interests. Stainless steel and wood are commonly favored choices. Consulting with a contractor experienced in outdoor pool and kitchen design, particularly for integrating a grill, can provide valuable insights.

Add to Your Pool Accessories Collection

Accessorize your pool with fun items like floating loungers shaped like ice cream sandwiches, dog or cat faces, and more. Children can enjoy pool games like basketball, football, and floating water polo. For adults hosting pool parties, consider adding floating lights and waterproof speakers for day or night gatherings.

Remodel Your Pool with Florida Pool Patio

If you’re seeking a new design for your outdoor deck and pool area, partnering with a pool design and contract firm like Florida Pool Patio is the way to go. Working with professionals can ease stress, especially for tasks like pool resurfacing and plaster repairs. Florida Pool Patio’s team is prepared to help you create the perfect outdoor entertaining space for warm weather enjoyment.

Florida Pool Patio is a second-generation company that comprises of engineering professionals with a top-notch team. Our team has built a reputation for providing a positive experience and satisfied clientele with the latest technology. Our luxury pool builders in Wellington FL will not settle merely building pools and patios; we want to positively impact the environment and benefit our clients from our knowledge. From construction to maintenance to outstanding customer service, we will never settle for less than the best.

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