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4 Mistakes to Avoid when Working with Cement Tiles

Many homeowners don’t realize that installation and maintenance of cement tiles must never be a cumbersome task. And if it is, maybe you are committing a mistake somewhere. We have listed some mistakes you can avoid when working with cement tiles to make this task go easy on you.

  1. Working with an untidy surface.

The cement tiles that come fresh out of the factory tends to have fine pigmented Portland cement dust layer on their surface. So, before you are all set to install the cement tile kitchen, ask your professional to wipe the tiles clean with a damp cloth to get rid of the dust. This helps in useless pigment stains on the tile surface. This is important when using cement tile floors with light and dark colors in the design. The dark color can simply bleed into the light colors if they aren’t cleaned properly.

  1. Skipping the grout release step

This is an important step when installing cement tile floors. Even if you apply a good cement tile sealer, we suggest you to apply grout release on the tile surface before it is grouted. This is because cement tiles aren’t that cheap. You must not risk staining the tile surface with grout when it can easily be avoided with quick and cost effective application of grout release. Consult the professional so as not to skip this step at any cost.

  1. Applying the sealer that messed with your cement tile

Not all sealers are made the same when it comes to seeking smooth and handmade cement tile floors. When you apply a sealer that is flaking, peeling or has discolored your tile, you need to address this. Most of this can be rectified with the help of proper processes and equipment. Consult the professional about how to fix it. Seek the cement tile sealer that is durable and adds value because you don’t want to end up looking after its upkeep every time.

  1. Not sealing the tiles appropriately.

The tiles must always be sealed upon installation in order to steer clear from stains in the imminent future. This is because if you mistakenly spill the red wine it would penetrate your tile surface and stain it permanently. Yeah, you can manage to get rid of it at some point, but not without spending some expense and time. This is why it is important to seal the tiles appropriately.

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