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A Homeowner’s Guide to Reclaimed Wood Flooring

The beauty of natural wood is hard to replicate. If you want to take the charm of your flooring to the next level, reclaimed wood flooring might be an apt choice. In this post, we are discussing the basics about reclaimed flooring and things that homeowners need to know.

What is reclaimed wood flooring?

Reclaimed wood comes from buildings, homes and structures of the past. The material has been ‘reclaimed’ for use in contemporary residential and commercial homes. To be more precise, reclaimed wood has been recycled for double use. In recent years, the demand for reclaimed wood flooring has increased considerably in both towns and rural areas, simply because this is more of a sustainable choice and offers a rustic weathered look that cannot be imitated with tiles. Please note that reclaimed wood is not same as “salvaged wood”. The latter is basically what has been salvaged without being put to use.

What are the pros and cons of reclaimed flooring?

Reclaimed woods often date back to old times, as old as 18th century, when wood was available in plenty. It is well known that such materials used to be much denser and stronger than new production. While reclaimed wood can be used for almost any purpose and need, it works best for flooring, especially because it changes the entire look of a room. Not to forget, reclaimed flooring is always unique i.e. Your home will not feel or look the same as someone else’s. Since the wood has been subject to extreme weather changes and temperatures, you can expect the material to retain its beauty and appeal for years to come. There are also lesser concerns when it comes to expansion, stains and scratches.

On the flip side, not all reclaimed materials are the same, so you need to do your homework as far as selecting a source for reclaimed flooring is concerned. The cost can be a bummer for some buyers, given that reclaimed flooring can be expensive.

Should you consider reclaimed flooring?

Absolutely! There is no denying that reclaimed flooring looks and feels unique in all ways. If you like your home to have a more authentic natural feeling, this is a great choice. However, be careful of your source. Many dealers are passing subpar wood to customers as reclaimed wood. To avoid the same, talk to the dealer and ask from where the wood has been sourced. You also need to get an estimate in advance, which should be inclusive of all aspects, including installation. It is possible to get reclaimed flooring with a more customized look and a new finish, but that’s not what the interior experts recommend, simply because old wood has a different style to it. You can always choose to polish the wood as required.

To know more on now effectively you can use reclaimed flooring for your home, find a dealer and ask them to share an estimate. Also, don’t forget to check a few samples of wood and pictures of homes that have reclaimed flooring.

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