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Choosing A Hospital Table For Home

There are many reasons to own a hospital table for home use. Many people simply enjoy the convenience of reading, web surfing, or eating breakfast in bed without the worry of spillage or maneuvering on a soft surface. But, for patients that are recovering at home after surgery or for elders that are staying in the home as they age – an atHand Overbed Table System is most convenient for assisting those with limited mobility.

When choosing a hospital table for home, you will have a wide range of styles and features. Always choose a product with the quality of construction and materials that make sure the table stays strong and sturdy after many years of usefulness. Here are other features to look for when choosing a hospital style table that can be used at home.

Are Electrical Power Features Included?

When recovering in bed, most people will want to do a variety of tasks. Reading, writing notes, paying bills, and enjoying internet games are just a few things that become much easier when your adjustable table features electrical power outlets for plugging in devices, a USB port for charging, and an adjustable LED lighting fixture to reduce eye strain. These electrical features eliminate the use of extension cords and will help clutter the patient area.

Is Additional Shelving Available?

For those with limited mobility, having access to those things that make them more comfortable and happy is key to an improved quality of life. Open shelving allow for storing books, medications, bills, and personal care items that are always in reach. Also consider a closed drawer for keeping sensitive items, jewelry, and cash safe and out of sight. This level of convenience will surpass that of what hospitals provide – and makes a premium at-home medical bed custom designed for your needs.

Does it Accommodate a Smart Phone Cradle?

Remove the clutter from your bedside table with a smartphone cradle stand that not only holds any size cellular phone, it can also be used to hold tablets or small reading material in place for easy viewing. In-bed patients can easily watch movies or video chat with loved ones while remaining comfortably reclined. Include a cradle stand with your AtHand system for a truly functional solution during medical or mobility challenges.

What Accessories Can be Included?

A over-the-bed table system should include more than just the table. It should address multiple issues that solve the problems when a person is confined to bed – either temporarily or long-term. An accessories package could include a cup holder, a trash bin, an open shelf basket, and a small storage bin. When a system includes accessories, you can depend on a coordinated look that adds style and convenience to your at-home stay.

Choosing a hospital table for home is easier when you choose a manufacturer devoted to providing complete at-home stay solutions such as atHand® Bedside Table. Visit our website for more information on how to make your at home medical stay hassle-free and comfortable.

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