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Auto Shipping Checklist

A car is an expensive investment. People usually have to save up for years in order to be able to afford one. Besides, a car is more than just a property with monetary value – it is also a possession people feel emotionally attached to, especially if the car has been in the family for some time. That being said, we are sure that you too do everything you can to keep your vehicle in the optimal running condition. You take care of your garage by constantly cleaning it and replacing the garage doors when necessary, you polish your vehicle every other day and keep it sparkly clean. So, once you have to ship your car to another place and part ways with it, some anxiety might ensue. Since an auto shipping checklist can provide you with a peace of mind in a way that it will remind you about important shipping-related tasks, there is no need to worry as much!

An auto shipping checklist is the best way to keep track of your upcoming tasks

Item #1 – Get an experienced auto shipper

The most common reason why people decide to ship their vehicle is that of moving purposes. Unless you are able to drive a car yourself to the new location, you are looking at hiring auto shippers. As with all other reputable companies, auto shippers can sometimes be booked weeks, possibly even months in advance. For that reason, hiring companies such as requires that you do it in a timely manner. When we say timely, we do mean at least six weeks prior to the date you want to schedule for shipping.

Item #2 – Figure out the important details

Once you get on the phone with auto shipping companies, you need to have an idea of what it is that you want and need. Also, let`s not forget that you must have a budget in place if you are to continue with the process of hiring auto shippers. So, days before starting to make phone calls, sit down in front of your laptop and conduct your own research. Look into different auto shipping assistance options you can get, and decide which ones best suit your needs. There is not a right or wrong answer as to what the important details are – it all depends on your situation. Do not worry that your auto shipping list will get too extensive. There is no such thing, as the more items a checklist includes, the better!

Item #3 – Get your car in optimal shipping condition

Remember when you were remodeling your house, and you had to make sure the house is all set for the renovations ahead? It should not be any different when shipping your car, as there is an extensive preparation you must go through. For starters, you must have your car checked out by a mechanic. Your vehicle should be checked for trouble every once in a while, so you are doing yourself a favor in the long run. Besides, if a mechanic looks at your car and determines that everything is in order, then you won`t be held accountable if something were to happen to your car during shipping. And, if the mechanic sees any signs of trouble, they can repair it prior to the shipping date. That way you get to start a new life and truly turn over a new leaf.

Note: In a lot of times, the auto shipping company itself will send out a mechanic to check your car, as they want to get a precise picture of the state of your vehicle. However, double checking with a mechanic by yourself can never hurt.

Have a mechanic take a look at your car and determine its condition.

 Item #4 – Empty out your gas tank

Once you start discussing the details of your shipment with a company, they will inform you that they don`t allow more than a quarter of a gas tank of gasoline left in the vehicle during the shipment. Even though this rule might seem unjustified to you, there is a good reason behind it. The truck carrying the vehicles must stay under a certain weight limit while on the road. Thus, two to three weeks before the shipment, start using up your gas tank. A quarter of a tank will give you enough gas to load and unload the boxes or to drive your car to a place where you can store your vehicle in case you have not set up a garage yet. Since you love to drive, this is one item on your auto shipping checklist you should have no problems with, do you agree?

 Item #5 – Cleaning should be included in your auto shipping checklist

While cleaning may not be your favorite thing in the world, when it comes to auto shipping, it is absolutely necessary. Of course, your car will look better clean, but it will also reveal any dents you may not have noticed. When cleaning, you should not only take care of the exterior, as dealing with the interior is just as important. You must make it your task to remove all personal items from your vehicle. Most auto shipping companies will not accept shipping a car with any personal items inside, nor will the insurance company reimburse the loss if they get stolen.

Your car must be clean for shipping

Item #6 – Confirm the important details

Details are what matters, and when it comes to car shipping, it is no different. The last item on your car shipping list should include a lot of phone calls, through which you will confirm the important finesses or make any last-minute changes. 

  • Confirm the pick-up and delivery dates.
  • Decide whether you want to track your car`s whereabouts and get frequent updates on the matter.
  • Pick a precise location where you want your car to be shipped.
  • Inquire what to do in case you notice any damage to the car upon delivery.

Do not procrastinate

If you avoid making an auto shipping checklist for too long, there is a possibility you will wake up a week prior to your shipping date and realize that you have not taken care of a single task. You could even forget to hire reputable auto shippers, which we don`t have to mention how catastrophic it could be. So beware, and do everything in a timely manner, as there is no one else who can do it for you. 

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