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How to Tell When You Have a Leak and What You Need to Do

Leaks can be a major problem in any home. Not only will they increase your water bill, but they can cause major damage, mould, and rot under your home. Learn about the signs of a leak and what to do when you have one.

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While there are some plumbing problems that are incredibly obvious, others can be much more difficult to not only identify, but also to locate. It can be really difficult to determine if you have a leak and to also find out where the leak is coming from. If you think that you have leaking pipes in your home, then look for these signs and follow the advised steps to get the professional help that you need.

Your Bills Are Skyrocketing

Every homeowner has a general idea of how much they pay for water each month, but if your bills suddenly increase, then that is a sign for concern. If your water bill increases for just one month, then there may be a fluke, but if it increases and then stays high for months on end, you will want to get help. This is a very clear sign that you likely have a hidden leak and will need professional help locating and taking care of it.

You Smell Something Musty

It’s very normal for a leaking pipe to cause a damp spot in your home. These can occur in the walls, floors, and even in the ceilings. It’s very normal for these damp spots to grow mould or mildew, which will tend to give off a very musty odour. Musty smells around the home are a clue that you have a leak somewhere and that you need to find it right away.

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What to Do

It’s easy to panic when you have a leak in your home, especially if you haven’t ever experienced this problem before, but you don’t want to try to take care of this problem by yourself. Calling for 24 hour drain care and repair in Southampton is the smartest move. When you can call a professional for help, you can rest easy knowing that they will be able to locate and repair your leak so that you don’t have future problems.

If you think that you have a leaking pipe in your home, then you need to get help right away. Avoiding or ignoring the problem will only make it worse and can result in very extensive and expensive damage to your home.

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