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Cutting Edge Technology in the Lock Industry

We’ve always had locks, ever since we created the first basic devices that were nothing more than latches, yet you will be pleased to learn that this most ancient and dignified of trades has moved with the times, and digital technology now plays a huge part in locks and security. For centuries, locks relied on precise slots that fell into place when put into the right location, and some were more basic than others. Then came electricity and we began to use switches to lock and unlock doors, and some of the developments of this century will revolutionise security in every aspect.

Keyless Access Control Systems

The word ‘key’ will soon become obsolete in the security world, as keypad and swipe-card access takes over, and biometric developments allow authorised people to have their fingerprint scanned, or they could use face recognition, or even reading the iris. Almost all businesses use keyless access control systems, which eliminates the need for bulky keys, indeed many Australian homeowners are making the switch to keyless access. If you would like to find a locksmith in Secret Harbour, for example, an online search would help you locate the nearest locksmith.


Bluetooth technology can be incorporated into the access control, and you could actually have a chip inserted into your hand that automatically opens the door when you arrive. Bluetooth allows digital devices to talk to each other, and this can be used in many ways in the security industry.

Digital Keys

There are already many forms of digital key; if you installed the Bitcoin virtual wallet onto your device, you would have a private digital key, and experts are predicting that all vehicles will be programmed to allow access using a digital key. An important digital key such as your private Bitcoin key should be copied onto several thumb drives and stored in separate locations, as if you have a million dollars’ worth of Bitcoin and lost your private key, your wealth is irretrievable.

Automatic Access

Facial recognition, for example, would allow a company with 5,000 employees to set up an access system that allows them in whenever they arrive. Something so simple is also very secure, as the system would not accept new facial scans unless authorised by the administrator, and such a system allows the administrator to set hierarchies, allowing some people into specific areas, which is decided by you.

Making the Transition

Regarding locks, the commercial sector is already well on the way to eliminating key locking systems, and with the domestic market starting to look at keyless access, it won’t be long until the locksmith can forget his skills with traditional keys and locks. The world is going through a transition, into a digital world that seems to have unlimited potential, and this will affect all of us in so many ways.

Data Encryption

We are heading for a world where data encryption will be a way of life, and all your confidential personal data will be on a blockchain, and encryption would control your bank accounts, your access to things and places. We are living in exciting times, and your local locksmith is not getting left behind when it comes to security.

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