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Need More Room? Why Extending is Better Than Moving Home

Most of us face this dilemma at some stage in our lives, our current home isn’t big enough for purpose and we aren’t sure whether we should move or add an extension. If you’re planning on extending your home, you’ll need the service of quality building contractors in Edinburgh to ensure you get the job done right. There are numerous reasons homeowners want a bigger property, some of the most common include:

  • Growing Family
  • Relative Moving into the Home
  • Need for a Home Office
  • Dreams of Extending the Kitchen Area
  • Require an Extra Bedroom

If your current home doesn’t have ample space and you’d like somewhere a little bigger, you’ve two options – build an extension or move home.

Moving home comes with a range of difficulties, that is why we recommend adding a bespoke extension, rather than relocating.

Stay in a Place You Love

If you’ve been living in your neighbourhood for many years, you probably have an attachment to the area. One big advantage of choosing an extension over moving is that you get to stay in the area you love. If you move home, you’ll probably have to make new friends, find new schools and look for a new job.

Full Control of the Project

Hiring a builder to extend your home gives you the opportunity to construct a custom design to suit your every need. You can add all sorts of cool new design features, something you won’t be able to do with a pre-built property.

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