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Factors that Affect the Cost of Granite Countertops for your Kitchen

Granite countertops vary in prices and if you are looking to buy these counters you must understand the differences so you can make an informed decision. Prices for countertops can be at least $100 per square foot. There are factors that can affect the prices for these counters and knowing these factors will help you choose which granite counters to get.

Slap Size

With granite counters, the pieces’ size impacts their cost. The fewer, bigger pieces the more expensive the countertop will be. Avoid seams in the countertops since they are more visible than in other materials. This makes a big piece better than two or more small pieces. Moreover, a piece from the same slap tends to be more uniform in looks and colors than two pieces from separate slabs. Bigger pieces are expected to be more costly since they should be cut from a bigger slab and they installing is usually not easy.

Availability and Color

A number of granite colors and hues are quite rare which makes them more expensive. Just like other products, the demand for these colors will impact their cost and the supply of these materials. Also, other qualities such as material grade and size make some kinds of granite scarcer than others. This material is mined in a lot of countries. If you prefer granite that is mined within your region or country, it may cost less than those mined abroad.

Special Treatments or Grade

The granite that used for countertops in the kitchen is available in various grades which may signify their composition or strength. Higher-quality granite tends to be more costly. A number of granite countertops undergo treatments using advanced products meant to make them less susceptible to stain. The majority of granite countertops should be properly sealed and re-sealed every year to prevent stains more effectively. Some granite slabs are treated to last at least a decade before they can be re-sealed. Such premium granite countertops will be more expensive than standard granite kitchen counters.

Being flexible about the grade, color, texture, and size of the granite will help you save money on the costs of the material. Also, make sure you hire a professional installer to prevent costly mistakes. But, because of the elegance and durability of granite countertops, you will be satisfied with your choice in the years to come even if you spend more to get the color, appearance, and kind you want.

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