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Here’s Why You Need a Furnace Service for Heating Maintenance

Ahead of the peak winters, you need to ensure that the furnace and all other components of the heating system is working as expected. When it comes to heating maintenance, you need an experienced service that you can rely on. In this post, we will talk about hiring Toronto furnace specialists, but before that, let’s understand the importance of maintenance better.

Heating maintenance is necessary

Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t think of a heating service, unless something goes wrong. Experts agree that heating maintenance is a necessity that you cannot afford to ignore. Besides preventing expensive breakdowns, which can cost hundreds of dollars, you can actually improve the efficiency of your home furnace and heating system. You may not realize but the heating and cooling system of your house has a significant impact on the indoor air environment and the health and well-being of your family.

Ideally, all heating & cooling appliances should be serviced annually, and if you use your systems all through the year, a check ahead of the peak seasons always comes in handy. This also prevents all sorts of risks related to the exposure to deadly carbon monoxide gas.

Finding a company for maintenance and repairs

Known services like Laird & Son have their own websites, which helps in getting help when you need the most. You can also choose to ask around for references and recommendations from friends and neighbors, and if that’s not a choice, Google always has listings for different cities.

 What to look for?

  • First and foremost, find a company that offers comprehensive services, right from repairs and replacement of parts to yearly maintenance and new installations. A furnace repair service that can do more is always an ideal choice.
  • The company should have emergency assistance for homeowners. Check if the concerned service works 24/7 and if they have a hotline number for help. Do not wait for a company if they take more than 6 hours to respond back.
  • Check if they have an in-house team. Not all companies have trained, licensed, and insured engineers and repairmen, so check for that. If the workers dealing with your furnace are not insured, you may end up with an implied liability in case of a mishap.

  • A clear estimate in advance. The cost of repairing a furnace can be considerably high than regular maintenance, and there are no fixed prices anymore. Make sure that you have an estimate, which must be offered after an initial inspection. The cost should be inclusive of everything.
  • Ask for warranty. For replacement and selected repair jobs, you can get a warranty on HVAC services. Some services are known for offering warranty, but do check the terms and conditions, as well.
  • Finally, don’t miss the reviews. Check the BBB rating and overall reviews on Google. What other customers say about a service is also important, and you can ask for references, as well.

Make a shortlist of the best services now and call up few to get an initial inspection ahead of winters.

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