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Sprucing Up Your Office Space

The office… to many people, the very word summons up images of a barren, soul sucking space where people go through the motions of their jobs like despondent automatons. Although a recent poll showed around 40% of Australians employed by large companies work at home now, that leaves 60% still taking the elevator up to another day spent in their cubicle, and 90% of them are not happy about it! It’s been proven that people working in appealing spaces are more inspired and productive than those stuck in corporate dungeons, positive environments also promote greater job satisfaction. If your business’s work space is currently an employee’s daily dystopia, you need to spruce things up and quick, your profits may depend on it! Here are some ideas to get started with.

  • The Walls – When your employees aren’t pouring over paperwork or staring at their monitor screens, what are they looking at? In most cases it’s probably not out the windows, no, they are looking at the walls. Apparently sometime in the past it was decided that office walls must all be some shade of drab, be it bleak-white, depressive-grey, or tepid-taupe. Staring at dull walls make Jack and Jill dull children, you’ve got to liven things up! One great way to do this is cover up that peaked old paint with some vibrant new wallpaper! There is a wide selection of wallpapers for your office space available, choose a look that is both professional and stylish that will inspire booth your employees and your customers to feel great about your business!
  • The Windows – At one time only the top brass got to have a window seat, but things have changed. Natural lighting has plenty of benefits- it makes people feel good, which improves motivation, it energizes the environment, it lowers the power consumption of your artificial lights which reduces electric bills, and it’s physically healthy, too, alleviating eye strain and depression. If any of your workspace’s windows are blocked, clear them and keep those blinds up. If possible, considering installing skylights, they can help maximize the presence of natural light which will maximize the positive attitude of everybody who works under them.
  • The Lights – Even if your building boasts plenty of windows, there will still be a need for artificial lighting, stormy days and late-night sessions require it. Old-fashioned overhead fluorescent lights are usually more a source of discomfort than an aid to getting work done, they can cause headaches, and frankly it makes everything under their harsh glow look terrible. If there is no getting around it, at least replace the old bulbs with full spectrum, it can make a huge difference. Also investing in area lighting, desk and corner lamps can really brighten up the office, and the attitude!

Changing your business’s environment is very much a worthwhile investment, it can improve the health and productivity of your people, and make a great impression on all who walk through your doors.

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