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Why Art is Important 

Human beings are creative, among many other positive traits and art has been around since we first inhabited the planet. Stone Age men had a desire to create cave art and every civilisation has had their own unique brand of art and creativity; look at the European Renaissance for stunning examples of premium art, or admire the Roman statues carved by the best artists of that time.

Art shapes cultures

Our modern civilisation has been heavily influenced by art from all parts of the world, as did all the different civilisations that have evolved over the centuries. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans liked to depict natural objects, humans and animals, while the French Renaissance was all about sophistication and elegance.

Art in the office

Business owners who are looking for original artwork in Melbourne can access a top gallery’s website and browse their fine collection. Art says things to the observer, which makes it unique and in a business ambience, art has a place. Australian abstract fine prints make for the perfect inclusion to a welcoming area, where you may have large expanses of bare wall.

Art at home

Most people like to view pleasing art in their home and there are Australian artists who advertise their work online. Art is, of course, different things to different people and you can use the web to source your favourite art. Many people are content with a few landscape paintings in their lounge, or a couple of abstracts in the study, while landings and hallways are also great places for wall art.

Art in museums and galleries

Many people get their art fix by visiting art centres in the city, which are usually open every day of the year; here in Melbourne, we have many fine art galleries. Art is subjective, so much so that many people are unable to explain what they feel when they look at a piece of art, it makes most people calm and content and they leave the gallery with a fine appreciation of genius.

Types of art

There are many art forms, including;

  • Oil paintings
  • Water coloured paintings
  • Sketches
  • Drawings
  • Statues
  • Wall prints
  • Murals
  • Digital art
  • Item art
  • Graffiti

Whatever your art preferences, you can find a supplier online and acquire art that speaks to you.

What makes art valuable?

The price of art is determined by many factors; the artist, the type of art and how finely it is regarded by art experts. Prints from famous artists can be acquired from Melbourne galleries, improving the ambience of your home or office.

Elegant décor

Art makes a space look special and if you are looking to elevate the ambience, art is the perfect medium. Small statuettes are very popular in living room settings, while sculptures grace many Australian homes and offices.

Art is an enigma for many, while other profess to understand how to appreciate human creativity, while some animals (elephants) also paint and draw. There is a new and fascinating aspect to art, with AI making contributions that are mind-blowing.

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