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Where Can I Buy Stairlifts?

For those who are needing stairlifts, buying them is one of the most difficult parts. Stairlifts are not one of those things that you can search up online and simply order, although there are companies that sell them online.

Buying a stairlift for your home is a complicated process because it involves finding a track that will work with your staircase, and not all staircases are the same.

Purchase Stairlifts From Retailers

While you can purchase a stairlift online, it’s not recommended as you are the one responsible for taking the measurements and must handle the install yourself. Rather than doing everything online, a better option is to purchase one from a stairlift company in Northampton.

One of the greatest things about purchasing from a retailer is that the manufacturers train these dealers. The manufacturers teach the retail dealers everything they need to know about their specific brand of stairlift.

Some things they teach their dealers are:

  • How to measure staircases
  • How to install the stairlifts
  • Ways to service them
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to maintain the stairlifts

These dealers are often the homeowner’s only point of contact with the stairlift manufacturer. They are easily reached by phone, in person, or through their websites.

Stairlift Manufacturer

Some stairlift manufacturers will sell their products directly, as well as in retail stores or online. When the manufacturer sells their products directly, customers must contact them through their website to initiate contact.

Once initial contact is made, a personal visit or a phone call will be set up for an evaluation. Whoever the manufacturer sends out will also be trained in measuring, installing, and troubleshooting the stairlift.

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