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Five Ultimate Stone Benchtop Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Stone benchtops are one of the best things you can do for your kitchen and bathrooms. These benchtops are primarily used in houses and company offices for their high resistance to damage and modern design. But if you are not careful, they may get stained or scratched, which will ruin their elegance for good.

While stone benchtops are known for their strength, style, and engineering, they do require regular maintenance and cleaning. By following a few useful tips, you can make sure that the interiors of your home or workplace retain their appeal for a long time.

Always Use Placemats and Cutting Boards

Placing heavy dishes or glasses directly on your stone benchtops can result in scratches and also cause stains. Therefore, using a placemat before putting anything on the benchtop is crucial and helps keep them new and shiny. Furthermore, always use a cutting board while cutting fruits or vegetables to avoid leaving scratches on the benchtop.

Protect Your Benchtop From Stains

If you invest in a stone benchtop in Sydney, you will not have to compromise on aesthetic appeal or durability. However, even the best ones can lose their beauty if you stain them. Do not allow acidic or brightly coloured food items to come in contact with the stone benchtop, as they can leave stubborn stains if you don’t clean them up promptly.

Avoid Heat Exposure

Placing hot pans or dishes on a stone benchtop is not a very good decision as it can cause discoloration and cracks. Extensive exposure to heat over time also leads to the deterioration of the texture of the slabs.

Steer Clear of Vigorous Cleaners

Do not clean your stone benchtops with powerful detergents and chemicals, as they have the ability to harm the physical characteristics of your benchtops. In addition, products that are made for cleaning other things, such as ovens or grills, or contain Trichloroethane and methylene chloride should be avoided as well. Instead, you can use a mild cleaner and mix it with water to get the best results.

Don’t Apply Pressure

There are certain areas within the structure of stone benchtops, such as the joints or counter, where you should avoid applying pressure or placing heavy items. They are slightly vulnerable and can get damaged under a lot of weight. Therefore, sitting or standing on stone benchtops is not ideal if you want them to last long.

The trend of stone benchtops in kitchens or bathrooms is not going away anytime soon. They are aesthetically pleasing and can enhance the interiors of modern residences and offices. With the tips mentioned above, you will be able to maintain and clean your stone benchtop without hurting its colour or texture.

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