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Why a Hearth is Important for a Fireplace

Fireplaces are the modifications constructed in a home where fire can be burnt and the people could feel the warmth of it during the cold seasons. It is a very important modification which is a must for the regions where the temperature is low throughout the year. Traditional fireplaces are replaced by modern ones nowadays which can heat more efficiently depending on the size of the room and other aspects. Now one may ask a question like what is a hearth? A hearth is usually a brick laid or stone laid fireplace which may or may not have an oven or something. Its main use is for cooking food and heating the rooms.

Why is a hearth important?

In a fireplace, the most important part is the base to which it is attached. And the closest part to which it is attached is the hearth. It acts as a focal point in the fireplace and thus playing a major role. Moreover, it also protects the area surrounding the fireplace as they are made up of non- combustible materials.

A hearth plays a major role in the fireplace

Because of these hearths, the risk of fire hazards in a home decreases as they provide protection against it. They also act as an area where one can keep tools and also as a barrier for the children as the fire is dangerous for them. Moreover, as they are made up of stones, bricks etc. which are non-combustible in nature, they also provide extra protection against fires.

With the advancement of society, hearths are getting modernized nowadays. A Glass Hearth is the best material for the construction of hearths. Different types of hearths are launched in this modern world. Some different types are as follows:

●     Prefabricated Hearth :

This type of hearth is the easiest in terms of installations. It comes in various layers including plywood and cement. It is also available in a variety of designs including marble, wood etc.

●     Hearths made of Tiles :

 The hearths which are made up of tiles give the most expensive and perfect looks to them. However after the installation of the tiles, they become very sophisticated and should not be used casually and roughly otherwise, they can be damaged.

●     Granite Hearths :

Granite Hearths are one of the expensive hearths and they can add a touch of class to your home while doing its job. Moreover, it is the most durable hearth and it very easy to work with, with such a durability and strength.

●     Hearth made from Glass :

They are the most popular hearths among the customers. A Glass Hearth

looks perfect with any kind of combination which also makes it a preferable one. The most

important fact about it is that it has opened up easy installation possibilities due to which it can be moved anywhere simply without any hazard. Moreover, available in a large variety of shapes, it is also sold in the form of thin glass plates for the sake of non -combustible materials.

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