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Concerned About The Condition Of Your Old Bathtub? Consider Bathtub Refinishing!

Bathtubs are one of the functional elements of the bathroom, but even the best models can have signs of damage with years of use. Old and damaged bathtubs can harbor germs, and it is just slimy and disgusting to take a bath in such tubs, especially when the surface doesn’t feel hygienic enough. An obvious solution is replacement, which can require considerable effort and time. Installing a new bathtub requires removing the old one and remodeling the bathroom and plumbing system as required. The process of removing bathtubs is complicated, and you have to be particularly careful with disposal.

As a better alterative and a smart way to defer investment in a new one, you can consider bathtub refinishing. For the uninitiated, bathtub refinishing is the process of re-glazing the tub and fixing all the relevant issues. Below, you will get more info on why this is a better choice than replacement.

The advantages

First and foremost, bathtub refinishing doesn’t require as much time and effort as replacement. The process starts with cleaning, which helps in removing deposits on the top surface, after which the visible chips and cracks are repaired. When the patchwork is done, proprietary bonding agent is used for bonding the new finish to the surface. The final step is about applying an acrylic coating. If properly maintained and care for as suggested by the concerned manufacturer, refinished bathtubs should last for at least 15 years or longer. As for the time, you should be able to use the bathtubs in just four to five days, while replacement can take weeks, depending on the new model and other aspects.

Selecting a service

It should be noted that not bathtub refinishing services are same. Many are known to charge customers in form of hidden and unexplained costs, which is something you need to avoid. In case of bathtub refinishing, it is best to select a service that’s experienced, reliable and has a good name in the local market. To know a service better, you can ask for references or check on Google to know reviews from other customers. Ask them to offer an estimate in advance, so that you can compare the details accordingly. Refinishing and re-glazing can involve different steps with different services, so check in advance as what the company would do for the price charged. They should ideally fix everything that’s wrong with your bathtub, including damage to the tiles and fiberglass. You can click here to find a good service!

Final word

With refinishing, you can restore older tubs in no time, and the whole job doesn’t require any effort on the part of the homeowner. The concerned service will ensure that the cleaning, scrubbing and re-glazing process doesn’t impact the indoor air environment or the bathroom essentials and fittings. If you have a few questions, talk to the concerned service and ask them to explain the process in detail.

Check online right away to find more on bathtub refinishing and hire a company now!

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