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Do You Know How Can You Find Bed Bugs In Your Home?

If you suspect that your home is infested by bed bugs then it is better to take action before they multiply into big number and fully establish themselves. Treating at early stage is far less costly as compared to tackling with them when their number has increased.

Even to detect low level infestation is a very challenging job. Sometime you may get confused with carpet beetles as they look like bed bugs to some extent. If you fail to identify them then soon they can spread in many other areas of your house or go to some other house to start new infestation. Sometime bite mark on the skin can also be confusing as it is similar to mosquitoes or chiggers bite. Many people often do not react to bites from bed bugs.

Signs of bed bugs

Better way to identify the presence of bed bugs is by looking at physical signs. When you are cleaning your beds or while you come after long period to your home then look for the following:

  • Reddish or rusty stains on your bed sheets or on the mattresses that are caused due to bed bugs getting crushed.

  • Dark spots due to excrement of bed bug and also bleeding mark on the fabric almost like marker.
  • Tiny egg or eggshells or pale-yellow skins when they grow in size
  • Live bed bugs

Where they hide?

Bed bugs can hide in number of places, they can either be under the bed, near the piping, under the mattress and box spring, within the cracks of bed frame or within any small holes. If the infestation is heavy then you can find them at number places and to éliminer les punaises dans le lit is bit difficult. Then you can find them

  • In the chairs or couches, between the cushions or within the folding of the curtain
  • In the joints of drawer
  • In the electrical appliances or receptacles
  • Under wall hangings and loose wall papers
  • Junctions where ceiling and walls meet
  • On the head of the screws

Since, bed bugs are very thin almost like a credit card they can easily find place for hiding. They normally feed on human blood but they can also survive by feeding the blood from any mammals and birds too. They can easily travel considerable distance and even reach other side of the world via people’s luggage.

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