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How to Prepare your Outdoor Living Space for Summer

We Australians love the great outdoors and with spring in the air, it won’t be long before we celebrate another Christmas and New Year. This is the time to start thinking about the back yard and taking a closer look at our set up, and with that in mind here are a few tips to ensure that your rest and relaxation area is ready for the coming summer.

  • Inspect the decking – If your terrace base has seen better days, there is affordable hardwood decking in Brisbane from a leading local timber supplier and they even send a technician to your home for a free decking advisory service, with no obligation on your part. At the very least, you should give the timber several coats of a protective seal, while old timber should be replaced with jarrah or something similar.
  • Pruning trees & shrubs – Spring is the ideal time to call in your local arborist to shape your shrubs and trees, while also checking that your trees are healthy and free from disease. If you are lacking shade, why not plant a few trees? This is something your local arborist can advise you about; aside from providing essential shade, trees have an elegant beauty and add some colour to any garden.
  • Treat the lawn – You should areolate the lawn with a fork and add some grass fertiliser, which will ensure a lush green area. Remember to water the grass often, especially when there are a few weeks without rain and the first cut should be higher than usual.
  • Shading – Of course, shading is an essential requirement and whether a couple of cantilever umbrellas or a fully automated retractable roof, you should check the condition of your shading equipment and make sure it is in good order.
  • Flower beds – These should be weeded and now is the time to plant, while putting down woodchips prevents the growth of weeds, which saves you on garden maintenance. Add some rich colour in the coming few weeks that will be in full bloom come November.
  • Check the BBQ – We all love to BBQ food when the weather is hot and now is the time for a close inspection of all outdoor cooking equipment.

Have a good look around and make a note of minor issues that need to be addressed before the nice weather arrives and you will be ready for a great summer.

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