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A Tiny Space Seems Bigger With the Right Choice of Wood Flooring

In the era of urbanization, houses are getting smaller by the time so whenever remodeling a home people always complain about small space. They want something creative that their tiny room seems bigger than actual. If you have the same issue, you can contact Chestnut Flooring who is expert in hardwood flooring Toronto. Space cannot be changed in reality, but a few flooring tips can make your space seem bigger. Here they are:

  • Play With Colors

As colors compliment with a person’s personality, the same way colors compliments with space also. Choice of perfect color for your wood flooring makes a big difference for your tiny space. Today’s is the trend of dark colors for wooden flooring; however, dark colors never go with tiny spaces as space seems more congested.  Thus, make sure to use light colors for your wooden flooring because the light colors reflect natural light and the room seems spacious. Besides it, you may choose a light color for your walls as well as it gives an instant boost in terms of space size.

  • Choose Wider Planks

Some folks think that narrower planks always be the right choice if you are working with minute space wood flooring. But, it is not true because strip flooring or narrow planks divides up a tiny space numerous seams and lines and as a result space seems smaller. On the other hand, with wide planks, your space looks bigger. Wider planks always appear more reliable because there are fewer seams and lines on it. Moreover, a simple wooden floor pattern may also help to open up a tiny room.

  • Keep Accessories To A Minimum

Keeping unnecessary accessories into the tiny space make the space more crowded. Avoid rags and keep the space neat and clean for more Impressive space. Besides, the selection of the right furniture plays a vital role in tiny space management. The best trick to boost your smaller space volume is to choose chairs and sofas that don’t reach right down to the floor level. , choosing glass or Perspex furnishings allows light to pass through the room and create an actual illusion of bigger space.

To Wrap Things Up

Choosing the right color and size of wooden planks gives a great impression to your wooden flooring and, space seems bigger.  For more advice, you can visit the Chestnut Flooring Company.

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