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Different ideas for choosing bathroom tiles

Classic bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles are an important part of the decoration of this space, and it is one of the elements with which we can give more color and luminosity to the environment. Today we have many designs of bathroom tiles to choose from, so the possibilities are endless. We are going to give you different ideas to choose the bathroom tiles. In this way you will have more to choose from, with very varied ideas. From classic tiles and more basic and simple to others that can be combined creating a more colorful and interesting space in the bathroom.

Subway tiles

The tiles for the bathroom can have many designs, but there are some that are already great classics. One of the usual, which is also fashionable again, is the typical subway tiles. We refer to those white and rectangular tiles such as Carreaux Metro ceramic tiles. They are simple, an idea of ​​all life. The good thing about using tiles as simple and in white tones is that we can decorate the rest of the bathroom as we want. Choose furniture with colors or textiles full of fun prints to decorate the spaces. You should know that changing the decoration in the long term will also be easier, since this white is suitable with everything.

Tiles with valance

One of the classics that still work in the bathroom is the tiles with valance. A border can give a different touch, marking a change of tile on the walls. In this way we can add another type of tile and make mixtures. The border usually has some pattern included, as it is a way to draw attention to that element, although we can also put it in plain colors. When choosing them we must all choose them together to get an idea of ​​how everything may end up. Normally they come together with appropriate borders so everything combines.

Hydraulic tiles

The hydraulic tiles are usually placed in the ground area. However, they can also be a good idea to decorate the bathroom. Keep in mind that the patterns of these tiles tend to draw attention and have geometric shapes. It is something to keep in mind when we decorate the rest of the bathroom, since the rest should be simple so as not to have the feeling that there are too many things and prints. If we want to draw attention to a wall, we have these great prints, which are perfect to put in the area of ​​the bathtub, highlighting a column or in the area of ​​the sink.

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