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Discover The Different Types Of Leaf Blowers!

If you have been using the rake to clean up leaves in your garden, it’s time to consider a leaf blower. For the uninitiated, a leaf blower is designed to blow/clean leaves. You will find a bunch of manufacturers and products in the market, some of which are designed extensively for home use. Other leaf blowers designed for the commercial sector are expectedly heavier and expensive. In this post, we take a look at the types of leaf blowers available for regular use.

Electric leaf blowers

Typically, these products are classified on the power source. Many homeowners prefer an electric leaf blower, which is low on maintenance. There are two major choices in electric variants – corded and cordless. If mobility is what you seek, cordless models are always a better choice, because these models run on battery, and it is always possible to buy a spare battery for extensive use. Cordless variants are also great for homes, where the power source isn’t close to the garden or yard. Compared to the cordless models, corded leaf blowers are known for offering steady power. These also don’t weigh a lot because the battery is not required. However, you need to be careful as how you use the corded models, as manufacturers may have a few instructions for safety and use of extension cords.

Gas-powered leaf blowers

Many homeowners also prefer leaf blowers that run on gasoline. The first advantage is mobility, so if you have a big garden, an electric one may not be the best choice. Secondly, the runtime is not a concern with these models, as the power source is not dependent on a battery or electricity. Most gas leaf blowers work with a pull-start, although it is possible to buy an extra device that start up the blower.  Maintenance is something to consider for such models. You may also want to get a fuel stabilizer.

Other points to note

Before buying a leaf blower, check the features in detail. It is important to have decent power and at least two or more variable speeds, so that you control the action. If you are getting a battery-powered model, check the runtime and get an extra battery. There are many websites where leaf blowers have been reviewed in detail. Find more on the pros and cons and the warranty on the product, if applicable. It’s likely that you will get a better deal online.

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